What`s the security situation in Pakistan?

Security & safety has always been questioned and people have always had wrong ideas about the situation in Pakistan. We do believe and wish to assure all tourist in Pakistan of the following things.

  • There is no threat to lives or goods of any foreign tourist in any area of Pakistan. There are no purse snatchers as in South America or Africa, nor there any kind of hatreds or dis-likeness to foreign tourist in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan being a Muslim country has a liberal atmosphere for women. They are free to roam anywhere they want but as it is demand of the Muslim society we do recommend modest dress for both men & Women. A T shirt and full pants or Skirt is fine. T shirt with half sleeves is perfect.
  • There had been some troubles lately in Karachi but all that is in a part of Karachi where there is no interest of tourist nor some one ever needs to go or pass bye. Mind Karachi is spread in the area of 2200 Sq. Kms, Secondly Government is taking very strict measures to cut this problem.
  • The Interior of Sind is culturally very rich province and has no Problems as such. When you are there in Moen Jo Daro or any other place you are well taken care of by the friendly locals and our staff.
  • Khyber Pass & other tribal areas have a system of tribal jury and sometimes there are clashes among the tribes but they cannot be witnessed on the main road where Tourist travel. Yet we provide proper security guards for the tours in these tribal areas.
  • The Mountainous areas of Hunza, Gilgit, Chitral, Swat, Karakorum Highway & Skardu are very safe and there is no violence or ant major trouble in these areas.