A Place Between Chitral and Gilgit

Festivals like Folk Music, Dancing and Camping Village are Also Set Up.

Beauty of Multi Colored Trees and the Climate is Perfect.

Skardu Gilgit and Chitral are such unique place where one can still watch POLO as it was played centuries ago. It is one of the roughest and most dangerous games known. The people of baltistan, Chitral and gilgit are proud to be the polo game originated here centuries earlier as the word ;Polo; is baltiTibatan origin.
In 1920, the ruler of Moskuj (a place between Chitral and Gilgit) was told by his king to promote integration within his realm through a polo match among best players. Col Evelyn Hey Cobb,a polo players himself. Introduced an idea of having a polo tournament in the Shandur pass.They decide to have a tournament among the best team of chitral and gilgit.from that day, every year there is a polo tournament played on shandur Top between rival teams from chitral and Gilgit. This polo tournament is held in July every year. This is being held since 1936 annually. Shandur polo ground is considered to be the highest polo ground in the world. Except polo there are other festivals like folk music, dancing and camping village are also set up.


  • DAY 1
    Arrival in Islamabad.
  • DAY 2
    Drive to Chilas along with KKH.
  • DAY 3
    Drive to Gilgit.
  • DAY 4
    Drive to Shandur Top, Joining Polo festival.
  • DAY 5
    Enjoying the annual Polo Tournament.
  • DAY 6
    Enjoying the annual Polo Tournament.
  • DAY 7
    Drive to Gilgit.
  • DAY 8
    Drive to Chilas through KKH.
  • DAY 9
    Drive to Islamabad.
  • DAY 10
    End our service.