The Conclusion of Your Journey Will Be At Hunza

Beauty of Multi Colored Trees and the Climate is Perfect.

The beginning of Cherry blossom signals the end of chilly winter weather in Hunza valley, Phandar valley, Skardu valley and in the other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan which means Spring is arrived. Blossom season (spring) starts from the mid March and ends by the last week of April. Cherry blossom viewing began in ancient times when aristocrats wrote poetry and sang songs under the flowering trees of Cherry. Many tourists from Japan, Thailanad, Malayisa, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries around the world come to see Cherry blossom in Pakistan every year. Many people like cherry blossom because the shape and color of the petals reflect people’s ideal notion of purity and simplicity. Many are also touched by the blossom that they are so fragile short-lived scattering just a few days after the blooming. At the same time one can also view the blossom of Apricot, Almond, Apples and Pears in the valley of Hunza and other valleys of Gilgit Baltistan.


  • DAY 1
    Drive from Islamabad to Chilas early morning 600am sharp. Lunch at PTDC Motel Besham. Arrive and transfer to the Shangrila hotel around 700pm. Overnight at the hotel (470 km 12 -13 hrs drive)
  • DAY 2
    After breakfast around 800am drive to Hunza via Karakuram Highway. Arrival in Hunza around 200pm and transfer to the hotel. (248 km 6 hrs drive) Overnight at the Hunza Embassy hotel.
  • DAY 3
    Breakfast at the hotel. Morning Visit Karimabad bazaar, Baltit Fort, Altit Fort by Willy Jeep (3 km 20 minutes drive) Baltit Fort The old palace of the Mirs of Hunza stands guard over the whole valley. This Tibetan style fort was build about 713 years ago, when a princess of Baltistan married with a prince of Hunza and brought with her some Baltistani masons to build Baltit Fort part of her dowry. The fort is made of mud and stones. The Aga Khan Culture Services rehabilitate it in 1996 and converted it to a museum. It is 15 minutes walk from Hunza Embassy Hotel. You can enjoy your snacks at the Baltit Coffee shop.
    Altit Fort The Fort is even more impressive than Baltit and is probably 1000 years older, as it has more intricate wood carving and better-preserved rooms. From the roof you down a 300 meters (1,000 feet) drop to the Hunza River, turning the other way, you look out over the rooftops of Altit village and on up to the Ultar glacier and Baltit. Overnight at the Hunza Embassy hotel.
  • DAY 4
    Morning proceeds to visit Hopper valley excursion by Willy Jeep. (20 km 1 hr drive)
    Spectacular valley of Nagar across the Hunza River. You see beautifully laid terraces for different crops and orchids. At Hoper you get down and watch the Hoper (Bualtar) glacier. If you feel like you may hike down to the glacier and have a great view of Kapal & Golden peaks. From its source on Diran (Minapin) Peak and ends at 2,270 meters above sea-level, apparently making it the world’s lowest glacier between the altitudes of 40 N and 35 S. Its snout is certainly the lowest in the Karakoram, Himalaya region, with the Minapin and Pisan glacier being close seconds, at 2,400 meters. Overnight at the Hunza Embassy Hotel.
  • DAY 5
    After breakfast proceed to visit Gulmit Village. Transfer to Attaabad Lake. Cross the lake by motor boat. Arrive and transfer to Gulmit Village. Explore local surrounding areas. (Drive to Gulmit by Coaster 8 km 25 minutes drive & will cross the lake by motorboat 24 km 1 hr) It is 35 kilometers from Hunza. Gulmit is Gojal’s largest settlement. It locates on the main KKH at an altitude of about 8871 feet (2,703 meters). It served as the summer capital of the former Hunza state. For the tourist it is a breath taking view from Andra, 30-minute detour northeast from Kamaris to visit the ruins of the Andra Fort.
    Gulmit Museum A unique collection of Hunza history is in the local house. The Gulmit Museum, full of interesting traditional ethnic artifacts, wooden bowls, spoon, and farm implements, woolen coats embroidered hats, shawls and even a tapestry of the Last Supper. Overnight at hotel in Eagle’s Nest (Duiker Valley)
  • DAY 6
    Free day. Breakfast at the hotel, explore local area & transfer to the Hotel at Duiker Valley At about 3,000m Duiker is said to be Hunza’s highest village. A path forks right, cross the Ultar River on a small bridge and drive up, it continues up to summer pastures at Duiker, from where the fantastic views back over Hunza and Nagar to Rakaposhi. The highest summer pastures are a couple of hours above Duiker. Visit of Duiker to experiences spectacular sunrise. Overnight at the Eagle’s Nest Hotel (Duiker Valley)
  • DAY 7
    After breakfast drive to Chilas via Karakuram Highway. Arrive and transfer. Overnight at Shangrila Hotel. (248 km 6 hrs drive).
  • DAY 8
    Breakfast at the hotel. Morning drive back to Islamabad. (470 km 12 -13 hrs drive).